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Chinese Safflower Data

Characterization Data of the World Collection of Safflower*

*From: Characterization and Evaluation of Safflower Germplasm, 1993, Li Dajue, Zhou Mingde and V.Ramanatha Rao (ed.) Geological Publishing House, Beijing, China.

Descriptor Codes for Characterization of safflower Germplasm

Number = Accession number (number as assigned in Beijing Number)

CTY = Country of collection or origin country codes

CTY                              Country Name

AFG                               Afghanistan
ANT                               Netherland Antilles
ARG                               Argentina
AUS                               Australia
AUT                               Austria
BEL                                Belgium
BGD                               Bangladesh
BGR                               Bulgaria
CAN                              Canada
CHE                               Switzerland
CHN                              China
CSK                               Former Czechoslovakia
CYP                               Cyprus
DNK                              Denmark
DZA                               Algeria
EGY                               Egypt
ESP                                Spain
ETH                                Ethiopia
FRA                                France
GBR                                United Kingdom
GRC                                Greece
HUN                                Hungary
IND                                  India
IRN                                  Iran
IRQ                                  Iraq
ISR                                   Israel
ITA                                   Italy
JOR                                  Jordan
JPN                                   Japan
KEN                                 Kenya
KOR                                 Republic of Korea
KWT                                Kuwait
LBN                                 Lebanon
LBY                                 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
MAR                                Morocco
MEX                                 Mexico
NLD                                 Netherlands
PAK                                 Pakistan
POL                                  Poland
PRT                                   Portugal
ROM                                 Romania
SDN                                  Sudan
SUN                                  Former USSR
SWZ                                  Switzerland
SYR                                   Syrian Arab Republic
THA                                   Thailand
TUR                                   Turkey
USA                                   United States of America
ZAF                                    South Africa

Emer = Days of emergence (Day/Month)

RO = Rosette period

DM = Days to physiological maturity

PH = Plant height (cm)

L = Location of branches on main stem

0 No branches
1 Predominantly basal
2 Predominantly on the upper third of the plant
3 Predominantly on the upper two-thirds of the plant
4 From base to apex

LS = Leaf shape (middle stem leaves)

1 Ovate
2 Obovate
3 Lanccolate
4 Ovate-oblong
5 Oblong

M = Leaf margin

1 Entire
2 Serrate or dentate
3 Deeply serrate
4 Parted

ES = Extent of leaf spininess

0 Non-spiny
3 Few spines
5 Intermediate
7 Many spines

A = Angle of branches

0 No branches
3 Appressed, 15 o – 20 o
6 Intermediate, 20 o – 60 o
7 Spreading, 60 o – 90 o
9 Drooping, > 90 o

NS = Number of spines on OIB

0 None
3 Few
5 Intermediate
7 Many

LO = Location of spines on OIB

1 Tip only
2 Tip and few apical
3 Tip anad few basal
4 Tip and all along margins
5 Margins only

LI  = Length of spines on OIB

0 No spines
3 Short
5 Intermediate
7 Long

S = Head (capitulum) shape

1 Conical
2 Oval
3 Flattened

DH = Diameter of primary head (mm)

C = Corolla colour in bloom

1 White
2 Light yellow
3 Yellow
4 Yellow-orange
5 Red-orange
6 Red
7 Purple
8 Other

D = OIB distribution

1 Base, middle and apex on head
2 Base, middle and on head
3 Base on head
4 None

SS = Seed shape

1 Oval
2 Conical
3 Crescent

TH = Type of seed hull

1 Normal
2 Striped
3 Reduced
4 Thin
5 Partial

SW = 1000 seed mass (g)

Hull = Hull percentage

Oil = Oil content in percent (Dry weight basis)

HP = Head (capitulum) number per plant

Yield = Yield per plant (g)

C16 =  Fatty acid pattern, % of Palmitic

C18 = Fatty acid pattern, % of stearic

C181 = Fatty acid pattern, % of Oleic

C182 = Fatty acid pattern, % of Linoleic

Prot Protein content, in % of whole seed (dry weight basis)

Do = Seed dormancy

1 Absent
2 Present

Sa = Salinity susceptibility Scored on a scale 1-9 where:

3 Low susceptibility
5 Medium susceptibility
7 High susceptibility