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7th International Safflower Conference – Biotechnology

Development of effective cytoplasmic genetic male sterility system through conventional breeding in safflower in India.

K. Anjani

Development of microsatellite markers for investigation of relationships among closely related Carthamus species.

V. Bowles, J. C. Hall and A. Good

Utilization of genetic male sterility system toward recurrent selection in safflower and genetic gain realized.

S. N. Deshmukh, S. S. Lande, N. R. Potdukhe, P. V. Mahajan and S. Nandkhile

Development of gene constructs for induction of male sterility and restoration of fertility in safflower.

V. Dinesh Kumar, N. Roa

Transferability of sunflower microsatellite markers to safflower.

M. J. Garcia-Moreno, L. Velasco, J. M. Fernandez-Martinez and B. Perez-Vich

Selection strategy for cytoplasmic male sterile lines with stable sterility in late season planting.

A. B. Hill

Genetic linkage maps of Carthamus species based on SSR and RFLP markers.

R. Mayerhofer, B. Bowles, M. Mayerhofer and A. G. Good

Establishment of regeneration and transformation protocols in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

N. Rao, M. Sujatha, N. Lakshmi and V. Dinesh Kumar

Molecular diversity in Carthamus species and development in inter-specific mapping population for the first molecular map in safflower.

R. L. Ravikumar, V. K. Roopa, C. D. Soregaon and D. Satish

Evaluation of three cycles of recurrent selection for improvement of seed yield in safflower using genetic male sterility.

S. H. N. Reddii, V. P. Naole, V. S. Goyal, P. V. Patil, Vandana B. Kalamkar and N. H. Sable

Potential use of thermosensitive genetic male sterility for hybrid development in safflower.

V. Singh, S. R. Deshmukh, M. B. Deshpande and N. Nimbkar

Indentification of aposporic embryo sac development in safflower  (Carthamus tinctorius L.).

V. Singh, Jitendra H. Akade and N. Nimbkar

nad3 and atp9 gene transcripts of safflower  (Carthamus tinctorius L.) undergo extensive RNA editing.

K. N. Yamini, V. Dinesh Kumar and S. Sokka Reddy

Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT): A generic high-density genotyping platform.

P. Wezl, E. Huttner, J. Carling, L Xia, H. Blois, V. Caig, K. Heller-Uszynska, D. Jaccoud, C. Hopper, G. Aschenbrenner-Kilian, M. Evers, P.Hok, M. Ducan, K. Miller, G.Uszynski and A. Kilian.

Inheritance of very high oleic acid content and its relationship with several morphological and physiological traits.

A. S. Yamen, Begona Perez-Vich. J. M. Fernandez-Martinez, L. Velasco