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5th International Safflower Conference

5th International Safflower Conference Proceedings

Abstracts from the Fifth International Safflower Conference


Animal Feeding

Breeding / Genetics / Disease


Production Management

Safflower Products

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Effects of Prepartum High Linoleic Safflower Seed Supplementation for Gestating Cows on Performance of Cows and Calves.  H.B. Encinias, A.M. Encinias, J.J. Spickler, B. Kreft, M.L. Bauer, G.P. Lardy

Effects of Prepartum High Linoleic Safflower Seed Supplementation for Gestating Ewes on Cold Tolerance and Survivability of Lambs. H.B. Encinias, T.C. Faller, M.L. Bauer, G.P. Lardy

Feedlot Performance, Carcass Composition and Muscle and Fat Conjugated Linoleic Acid Concentrations of Lambs Fed Diets Supplemented with High Linoleic Safflower.  J.W. Bergman, C.R. Flynn, R.W. Kott, P.G. Hatfield, H. Van Wagoner, J.A. Boles

Citrate Carrier and Lipogenic Enzyme Activities in Liver Subcellular Fractions of Safflower Oil-Fed Animals. G.V. Gnoni, V. Zara, A.M. Giudetti, A.M. Caputi Jambrenghi, M. Ragni, L. Zezza, G. Vonghia

Immature Safflower Forage as a Feed for Ewes.  K. Stanford, G.L. Wallins, B.M. Lees, H.H. Muendel

Fatty Acid Composition of Milk from Mares Fed on a Diet Containing Safflower Oil.  F. Pinto, M. Ragni, A.M. Caputi Jambrenghi, A. Vicenti, G. Marsico, L. Zezza, G. Vonghia


Inhibitors of Proteinases in Safflower (Carthamus L.) and Other Compositae.  Al. V. Konarev, I.N. Anisimova, T.E. Vachrusheva, G. Yu. Konechnaya, P.R. Shewry

In Vitro Studies in the Wild Species of Carthamus – C. Oxycantha L.  Megha Chaturvedi, Nidhi Srivastava, Tejovathi Gudipati, Rekha Bhadauria, Sharda Khandelwal, R.R. Das

Induction of Somatic Embryogenesis from the Root Cultures of Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.) Var. Hus-305.  Nidhi Srivastava, Megha Chaturvedi, Tejovathi Gudipati, Rekha Bhadauria, R.R. Das

Radiations-Induced Somaclonal Variation in Safflower.  Tejovathi Gudipati

Safflower Biotechnology:  Progress and Prospects.  N.M. Ramaswamy


Biocontrol of Wilt of Safflower caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. carthami. S.J. Gaikwad, G.T. Behere

Characterization and Inheritance of Long Rosette Safflower.  J. Carapetian

Evaluation of Experimental Hybrids Based on Genetic Male Sterility in Safflower.  P.K. Naoghare, P.B. Ghorpade

Application of Simplified Triple Test Cross and Combining Ability Analysis to Determine the Gene Action in Safflower.  P.B. Gharpade, M.R. Wandhare

Combining Hybridization and Irradiation for Enhancing Genetic Variability in Early Segregating Generations of Safflower Crosses.  K.G. Parameshwarappa, R.D. Meghannavar

Commercialization of Safflower Hybrids.  Arthur B. Hill

Correlation Between Traits and Path Analysis for Grain and Oil Yield in Spring Safflower.  A.H. Omidi Tabrizi

Gamma Radiation Induced Polygenic Variation in Homozygous and Heterozygous Genotypes of Safflower.  S.A. Patil, R.L. Ravikumar, T.G. Prabhu, K.G. Parameshwarappa

Strong Undesirable Linkages Between Seed Yield and Oil Components-A Problem in Safflower Improvement.  I.I. Bagawan, R.L. Ravikumar

Developing New Characteristics During 50 Years of Safflower Breeding.  David D. Rubis

Potential and Variability in Spineless Safflower Varieties Developed for Late Sowing Conditions of Soybean-Safflower Sequence Cropping in Madhya Pradesh.  A.R. Sawant, M.K. Saxena, S.L. Deshpande

Safflower Research & Development at Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI).  Vrijendra Singh, N. Nimbkar, A.K. Rajvanshi

Identification of Male Sterile Cytoplasm in Safflower.  Vrijendra Singh, M.K. Galande, S.R. Deshmukh, M.B. Deshpande, N. Nimbkar

Inheritance of Wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f sp. carthami) Resistance in Safflower.  Vrijendra Singh, M.K. Galande, M.B. Deshpande, N. Nimbkar

Breeding for Oil Quality in Safflower.  L. Velasco, J.M. Fernandez-Martinez

Chemical Control of Alternaria Blight of Safflower in Northern Karnataka.  S.G. Raju, S. Kulkarni, C.P. Mallapur, V. Rudra Naik

Association Analysis in Safflower Under Rainfed Conditions.  V. Rudra Naik, G.G. Gulganji, C.P. Mallapur, S.G. Raju


Managing the U.S. Safflower Collection.  V.L. Bradley, R.C. Johnson

Evaluation of the USDA Core Safflower Collection for Seven Quantitative Traits.  R.C. Johnson, P.B. Ghorpade, V.L. Bradley

A Study of the Safflower Collection in the Krasnodar Territory in Southern Russia.  T.E. Vakhrusheva, G.G. Pit’ko

Genetic Diversity and Classification of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Germplasm by Isozyme Techniques.  Zongwen Zhang

Evaluation of Accessions from World Collection of Safflower for Alternaria Incidence and Seed Oil Content.  J.E. Cervantes-Martinez, M. Rey-Ponce, M. Velazquez-Cagal

Detection of DNA Polymorphism in Landrace Populations of Safflower in Iran Using RAPD-PCR Technique.  B. Yazdi-Samadi, R. Maali Amiri, M.R. Ghannadha, C. Abd-Mishani


Prospects of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) Production in Dryland Areas of Iran.  Akhtar Beg, Hussain Hatamzade, Mustafa Pala

Safflower Production in Argentina:  Future Prospects.  H. Mirasson, I.R. Palomo, R.E. Brevedan, M.N. Fioretti

A Safflower Project:  On-Farm Introduction of Safflower as an Alternative Oil Crop in Southern Italy.  Antonio Corleto

Grain Yield, Oil Content and Earliness of Flowering of Hybrids and Open-Pollinated Safflower in Southern Italy.  E. Cazzato, L. Borazio, A. Corleto

Potential Yield of Fall and Spring-Sown Safflower as Compared to Sunflower, Durum, Wheat and Barley.  A. Corleto, E. Cazzato, V. Annese

International Safflower Trials in China, India, and Thailand.  Li Dajue, Peter Griffee

Safflower Production and Research in Turkey.  Enver Esendal

EcoPort:  The Access Portal to Ecology Knowledge for Natural Resource Managers and its Relation to Oil Seeds, Including Safflower; An On-Line Presentation.  P. Griffee, T. Putter, M. Marsella, P. Diemer

Integrated Phosphorus Management in Safflower Based Cropping Systems.  D.M. Hegde

Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Production and Research in Southern Australia.  S.E. Knights, N.G. Wachsmann, R.M. Norton

A Computer Program to Assist Safflower Producers.  J.M. Krupinsky, D.L. Tanaka, J.S. Fehmi, S.D. Merrill, J.R. Hendrickson, R.E. Ries, M.A. Liebig, S. Wright, J.D. Hanson

Contribution of Production Factors on Yield of Safflower Under Rainfed Conditions.  V.S. Kubsad, C.P. Mallapur, C.P. Mansur

Safflower Root Growth and Water Use in Comparison with Other Crops.  S.D. Merrill, D.L. Tanaka, J.M. Krupinsky, R.E. Ries

Prospects of Safflower as a Minor Oilseed Crop in Bangladesh.  Motior Rahman, M.A. Akhtaruzzaman

Weed Control in Safflower in the United States Northern Plains Region.  Neil R. Riveland

Systems Analysis of Forecasting of Safflower Production in India.  R. Kalpana Sastry, D. Rama Rao, V. Kiresur, R. Vijayakumari

Management of Safflower Aphid (Uroleucon compositae Theobald) Through Botanical Insecticides.  G.S. Bharaj, A.R. Sawant

Intercropping of Safflower in Toria (Indian rapeseed) and Mustard.  S.L. Deshpande, A.R. Sawant

Safflower Production as Influenced by Previous Crops.  D.L. Tanaka, J.M. Krupinsky, S.D. Merrill, R.E. Ries

Phenotypic Variation of a Selection of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Lines and Their Potential in Southern Australia.  N.G. Wachsmann, S.E. Knights, R.M. Norton

Assessing the Forage Production Potential of Safflower in the Northern Great Plains and Inter-Mountain Regions.  David M. Wichman, Leon E. Welty, Louise M. Strang, Jerald W. Bergman, Malvern P. Westcott, Gilbert F. Stallknecht, Neil R. Riveland, Raymond L. Ditterline

Comparison of Different Methods of Weed Control in Safflower.  S.K. Yau, M. Haidar

The Effects of N Application Times on Morphology, Yield and Quality Characters of Safflower.  B. Arslan, E. Esendal, Z. Ekin

The Effects of Late Harvest on Some Yield and Quality Chharacters of Safflower.  B. Arslan, E. Gunel, T. Eryigit

Planting Patterns of Three Safflower Cultivars in Southern Iran.  A.H. Jelali, M.J. Bahrani

Best Planting Time of Safflower in Southern Iran.  S. Motelipour, M.J. Bahrani, L. Joukar, K. Jelali

Effects of Different Sodium Chloride Levels on Some Agronomic Traits and Chemical Composition of Two Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Cultivars.  H. Sadeghi, M.J. Bahrani

Safflower Management and Adaptation for the High Plains.  David D. Baltensperger, Glen Frickel, Drew Lyon, Jim Krall, Tom Nightingale

Safflower Production and Research in Mexico:  Status and Prospects.  J.E. Cervantes-Martinez

Comparison of Yield Components and Oil Content of Selected Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Accessions in Tunisia.  Hamadi Ben Salah, Hamrouni Ibtissem, Marzouk Brahim

Response of Safflower to Saline Soils and Irrigation.  Elias S. Bassil, Stephen R. Kaffka

Uptake of Residual Soil Nitrogen by Safflower Following Cotton in Rotation.  Elias S. Bassil, Stephen R. Kaffka

Management of Safflower Aphid Through Peripheral Application of Insecticides.  C.P. Mallapur, Y.P. Patil

Management of Safflower Aphid Through Seed Dressers.  C.P. Mallapur, V. Rudra Naik, G.G. Gulaganji, S.G. Raju

Safflower Aphid Management Through Botanical Insecticides.  C.P. Mallapur, V.S. Kubsad, U.K. Hulihalli


High Oleic Safflower as a Diesel Fuel Extender – A Potential New Market for Montana Safflower.  J.W. Bergman, C.R. Flynn

Analytical Chemistry Methods Used in the Research and Development of Safflower Varieties for the United States Northern Great Plains Region.  Charles Flynn, Jerald Bergman

Safflower Petals and Their Chemical Composition.  G. Nagaraj, G. Nirmala Devi, C.V.S. Srinivas

Nutritional Characteristics of Three Indian Safflower Cultivars.  G. Nagaraj

Morphological Structure and Topography of Nectaries in Carthamus tinctorius L. Flowers. L.F. Kharitonova, T.E. Vakhrusheva

Method of Isolation and Identification of Carthamin in Safflower.  Application’s Perspectives in Russian Food Products.  N.V. Rudometova, A.P. Pasovskij, E.A. Blohina

Current Situation and Prospects of Safflower Products Development in China.  Wang Zhaomu, Du Lijie

Studies on the Extraction of Safflower Yellow B and Carthamin Red Pigments From Safflower Florets as Food Colorant.  D.N. Kulkarni, K.D. Kulkarni, S.B. Tathe