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Western Regional Plant Introduction Station
Safflower Curatorial Information
Editor: Ms. Vicki L. Bradley  ID: 88
AddressUSDA, ARS
Western Regional Plant Introduction Station
P.O. Box 646402
59 Johnson Hall,
Pullman WA 99164-6402 U.S.A.
Tel. 509-335-3616
Fax. 509-335-6654
Western Regional Plant Introduction Station (
WebsitesSafflower Genetic Resources Homepage
ServicesCurator: Vicki Bradley.

Details: 2449 Accessions:- C. tinctorius 2368,
C. glaucus 2, C. glaucus ssp. glandulosus 1, C. lanatus 10,
C. lanatus ssp. turkestanicus 4, C. oxyacanthus 52,
C. palaestinus 2, C. tenuis 1, C. sp. 9.

There is a core collection of 210 C. tinctorius accessions
representing all 53 countries from which safflower germplasm


Medium term: Storage at 4 oC and 30% RH.

Long term: Storage at -20oC.

Duplication: Most accessions are duplicated at the
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation, Fort Collins,
CO 80521-4500, USA.

Availability: C. tinctorius 2191, C. glaucus 1,
C. glaucus ssp. glandulosus 0, C. lanatus 5,
C. lanatus ssp. turkestanicus 4, C. oxyacanthus 40,
C. palaestinus 1, C. tenuis 1, C. sp. 8.

Evaluation: Data available on relative time of flowering,
degree of branching, growth habit, head size, plant height, iodine
no., seed oil content, amount of spines, flower colour, flowering
day and some others. Images for some accessions available in GRIN.

Documentation: Passport data are available on request
through the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)
at or contact the curator directly.

This collection has been cross identified with the accessions
from Beijing Botanic Garden, China.